Friday, December 07, 2007

More "What Drug Reps Think of Us"

CafePharma is a website for drug reps. that I've written about before. The best part are the message boards. In fact, I have posted a link to them on my blogroll because they are fascinating to read. While I can't say whether those that post there are truly representative of all drug reps, reading them is an eye opener. It is amazing how deeply some of them loathe physicians.

Recently, a psychiatrist named Daniel Carlat wrote a stunning mea culpa piece in the NYT Magazine. In it, he documents his less than savory "career" pushing the drug Effexor for Wyeth Pharmaceuticals. Read the article to get your bearings then read some of threads in the Wyeth board and see what the reps say about him and doctors in general. Another approach to finding choice quotes about him would be to google Carlat or his piece within the website like this.


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