Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What Drug Reps Think Of Doctors

Per KevinMD, here's a very "illuminating" thread on the CafePharma forum (a forum for drug reps). I admit that every once in a while, I'll check this website out just to see what the other side is thinking of.

In this particular thread the reps speculate on the ethics and presumably the personal satisfaction engendered by tainting the food they provide for docs and their staffs. Techniques described seem to focus on sneezing on food although others are also described and their relative pros and cons analyzed.

If it were only one or two "trolls" engaging this discussion, I wouldn't think much of it. But surfing through it, this actually seems to be quite a free-for-all. Whether threads like this are charactoristic of drug reps as a whole is obviously unclear although the tenor of the site in general is pretty down on docs.

Pandabearmd, an emergency medicine resident posted his rather understandable comment and was quoted in the following erudite and measured response (my italics):
Re: Do you ever mess with the food before lunch?

Originally Posted by Anonymous

Man, as if I needed another reason not to accept gifts from drug reps you guys have provided it.

Get lost! Why cruise rep boards if you hate pharma so much. Get back to your ivory ER tower u piece of crap primadonna. Put this shit on your blog too
Well whether pandabearmd does or doesn't, I just did.

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