Thursday, November 08, 2007

Finnish School Shooter Was Misunderstood

Here's an article where the headline tells us more about ourselves than about the actual story:

As if being bullied was a major cause of this 18-year-old highschooler's ignominious rampage killing eight human beings before committing suicide.

Those lives could have been saved if only we'd do something about this.

My recommendations for preventing such tragedies here in the states?
  • Establish a bipartisan congressional committee to study the pernicious effects of bullying on today's youth.

  • Institute anti-bullying seminars to our schools and not waste so much time teaching the three R's.

  • Have the government do something, anything that will serve to wrestle the drive for solutions to this problem away from local jurisdictions and into the lap of the feds.

  • Hire more grief counselors.

  • Blame the school for not "reading the signs".

  • Do something about all those guns.
Don't laugh. Each of this reactions are either in the works or have been for some time already.

Perhaps a more appropriate headline would redirect our thinking on the subject:

Finnish School Shooter
Was a Depraved and Evil Person

Doesn't have the same nonjudgemental ring to it does it?

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