Saturday, November 10, 2007

Bottled Water Increasingly Available in School Vending Machines Over the Past 5 Years

AMNews reports that the school vending machines are stocking increasingly healthy selections. Survey Results published in the Journal of School Health reveal that schools are doing significantly better in curtailing the junk food than in previous years and promoting nutritionally sound options to students.

However, of all the gains, the article specifically singles out the fact that schools in 2006 were 46% likely to offer bottled water compared to 30% in 2000. This is presumably a good thing when bottled water is compared to Coca Cola (which is incidentally my FAVORITE beverage of all time).

I do wonder though about the wisdom of selling bottled water in vending machines considering that it is generally the same and sometimes worse than tap water. Do kids even use drinking fountains anymore?

Of course bottled water is a bargain at only 2,900 times more expensive than tap. Marketing departments really earned their keep when they pulled that one off.



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