Sunday, October 21, 2007

The FDA, Puffer Fish , and Homer Simpson

This may not be important to anyone that's not a sushi lover such as myself. The FDA is worried about establishing a safe source for the lowly puffer fish. Why? Properly prepared puffer fish, or fugu, is a delicacy among sushi aficionados. I myself do not eat it because of its unfortunate association with a very funny Simpson's episode.

In it, Homer is cajoled by Lisa to take the family to a sushi restaurant in an attempt to get out of the "meatloaf rut". Homer discovers that he loves it and even becomes adventurous enough to try fugu.

Because the master chef was otherwise romantically "involved" with Miss Crabapple, his inexperienced protege had to prepare the potentially poisonous dish. Hilarity ensues as Homer is rushed to Dr. Hibbert's office.

There, he is told he has 24 hours to live (actually 22 hours because Dr. Hibbert kept him waiting two hours).

It's nice to know that the FDA is overseeing my gastronomic needs. Who knows? The next time I'm eating sushi, I may, like Homer, demand the waitress to "Fugu me!"

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