Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Grand Rounds is up

Grand Rounds is up at the Health Business Blog. This week's offerings are in my favorite format. David Williams, the editor began with his favorite entries and then included the rest. I also appreciated his clear, concise (and amusing) comments.

I haven't read them all yet but my favorite so far is Chronic Babe's post. I don't think I'll look at 24-hour Holter monitoring in quite the same way again. The informative commentary left me strangely aroused. Doesn't Penthouse have a forum for writing like this?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Must be a male thing about being aroused. Chronic Babe's post only left me with unpleasant memories of a former patient who had intentionally recorded on his event monitor during sex, then trnasmitted to us telephonically. He did not have symptoms, just wanted to see what it would show.
I told him to bring in the monitor - he'd had it for over a week and never transmitted anything other than NSR or the artifact during intercourse.
In Chronic Babe's situation you could make an argument that arrhythmias may occur with greater frequency with increased catechols, but my former patient was just slimy.

May 01, 2006 11:03 PM  

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