Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Great Residency Program Blog

I've never formally "critiqued" a blog before but I saw one that deserves a special mention. I've entered it on my blogroll. It's called Case Western Reserve University / SVCH Medical Residents. It appears to be a large group blog set up by the housestaff at Case Western Reserve University and an affiliated hospital, St Vincent's Charity Hospital. Apparently it was created in July of last year (judging by its archives date).

This blog is quite comprehensive with medical news feeds, posts on public medical issues, critiques of the medical literature and a lot of "local" news related to the residency program as well including posts on "surviving" specific clinical rotations.

It's very confusing to navigate through because it appears to be a compilation of several "sub" blogs and involves many different authors. One would hope that they will organize it in a more user-friendly way but I think it's a superb effort and I expect to see many such residency program group blogs in the future. I definitely see it as having a lot of local interest as well as giving the world at large a fascinating, almost voyeuristic view of what goes on during residency.

Check it out.


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