Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Obese NFL Players

I thought this article was rather interesting about the trend towards obesity in the NFL. According to a letter to JAMA, two researchers determined that 56% of NFL players meet the criteria of "obese" on the basis of their BMI (body mass index).

Apparently teams feel that bigger, heavier players block better and are harder to move. I found it very reassuring to read that the data also demonstrates that: "There was no relationship between teams' average player BMI and their ranking in 2003-04."

I'll sleep better knowing that the pursuit of knowledge marches on.


Blogger Phil Marrow said...

In light of Reggie White's death recently at a rather early age, doesn't this JAMA article ring a bell in the ears of athletic trainers? First the use of anabolic steroids was promoted to increase muscle mass and of course the aggressive tendencies of the players. Now the sheer sumo-like bulk is promoted to become a human cinder block wall for protecting the backfield. Since the debate is currently vigorous about how to eliminate childhood obesity, why not incorporate this into the fray? Show some of these men in the locker room in their skivvies and the number of them "the refigerator" Perry who couldn't make through practice due to exhaustion. P. Marrow

March 02, 2005 8:03 AM  

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